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This page shows you how to add and amend clients, and manage multiple addresses for landlords and second homeowners

Create your personalised address book with the Toolbot directory that enables you to manage your customers and contacts. You can include multiple customer addresses and add notes to remind you of special instructions or parking arrangements, for example.

After adding customers to your address book, adding a customer and job address to an estimate, quote, or invoice is quick and simple.

Toolbot makes it easy to organise your contacts. See Managing Contacts to learn how to create a list of favourite contacts, blocklist, archive, or delete contacts.

To add or amend a contact, click Address Book from the main menu on the right-hand side of the Toolbot window. If this is your first time adding a contact to your address book, click Create address book first, then click Add Contact. Otherwise, click Add Contact to open the name and address form, and fill in the following information:



Select the title for your contact from the list, or choose Other to add something else. This displays the Other Title text box, where you can enter a new value, for example, Dr.

First Name

If you have a first name for your contact, enter it here.

Last Name

If you have a last name for your contact, type it in here.


Enter the email address for your contact if they have an address. This will be used in all correspondence, such as sending quotes and invoices.


Enter the main or landline number for your contact.


If your contact has a mobile number, type it in here.


Add any useful notes about your client, such as where to park, or how to access the property.

Click Save to confirm your changes, or Cancel to discard them and return to the previous screen.

After you have saved the contact, the Address tab becomes visible. Click this tab to enter an address for your contact.


To add or edit an address for a contact, click on the contact in the directory, then click Options and select Add Address. This opens the address form. Fill in the following information:

Search Address

Start typing in the address until the address is listed, and click to select the address or press Enter to auto-complete the form, then click Save.

Alternatively, fill in the following details to manually add your address:

Address 1

Enter the first line of the address, including the house, office, or unit name/number.

Address 2

Optionally, you can enter another address line.


Type in the postal town.

Post Code

Enter the postal code.


Optionally, select the county from the list.

Is this the Invoice address?

By default, Toolbot marks the first address you enter for a contact as the invoice (or billing) address. If this is not the address for sending an invoice, click No.

Each contact should have an billing address so that Toolbot knows where to address the invoice.

Video Tutorial

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