Create the header for your estimate and quote.

To edit an existing estimate or quote, in the jobs table, click the Edit icon on the right-hand side of the row of the job you want to edit. This opens the Edit Estimate page.

The Header tab contains the administrative information required to set-up the estimate or quote. For a new quote or estimate, you need to complete this tab before proceeding:

Document Type

Select the type of document you are creating for your customer, either Estimate or Quote. This will be printed on the PDF that is generated to send to your customer.

Document Date

The default is today's date. Use the date picker to choose a past or future date. This is for your reference only.

Job Reference

Give your job a name or number, e.g. JOB001.

Payment Terms (days)

The Payment Term is prepopulated from the value you configured in the Payment Settings. If you want to change this for the current job, add in a different value.


Select the name of the client from the list of contacts in your Address Book, or click Add Client to open the pop-up form for adding a new client.

Job Address

If you have selected a contact from your address book, their address(es) will be listed here. Select an address if the customer has one, or click Add Address to create a new address for this job.

Job Name

Give your job a name that is meaningful to you and your customer.

Job Description

List out the requirements for the job you are providing the estimate or quote for.

Click Save, and then click Detail to move to the next tab.

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