Send your invoice to your customer through Toolbot, or use another mail client.

To edit an existing invoice, in the jobs table, click the Edit icon on the right-hand side of the row of the job you want to edit. This opens the Edit Invoice page.

The Send tab enables you to email your invoice directly to your customer from Toolbot.

Send Using Toolbot

Complete the following information to send your invoice to your customer using Toolbot.


In the Subject textbox, type in the subject line for your email, for example, Invoice for House Re-Wire.


Write the email message to your customer to explain what you are sending them, and any further information. If you have already created an email footer in your account Settings, Toolbot automatically includes it here.

A PDF copy of the invoice will be attached to the email. You can view the PDF by clicking the Preview button, and also click Download PDF in the preview window to save a copy for your own records.

When you have finished, click Send, and the email will be sent to your customer.

Send Using Your Mail Client

You can send an email to your customer outside of Toolbot using a mail client, such as Outlook or Gmail. Click the Preview button to open the preview window, and then click Download PDF.

Save the copy to your local drive or cloud storage. You can then attach the file to an email in your mail client.

When you have sent the email, return to Toolbot and on the estimate or quote page, click Mark as Sent, so Toolbot knows the status of this job.

Need some help?

🙋 If you need help at any time, simply drop us a line and one of our friendly support team will be on hand to advise. We want you to love Toolbot as much as we do and get the most out of it.

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