Customise Your Account

Start by setting up your Toolbot account before you being creating work items.

Setting up Your Toolbot Account

Before you start creating estimates, quotes, and invoices, we recommend that you set up your account with all the information that will enable you to use Toolbot effectively.

Fill in the following sections with information relevant to your business:

Step 1: My Profile

Learn how to set your contact details, business name and address, and marketing preferences, and also how to change your account password.

Go to My Profile to find out how to personalise your account.

Step 2: Settings

Read the pages in this section to find out how to add your banking details for accepting customer payments, add accreditations to prove your competency, and create the terms and conditions for adding to your estimates, quotes, and invoices.

Visit Settings to discover how to update this information.

Step 3: Address Book

Learn how to create and update clients and contacts in your personal address book, and how the information you create in your address book can quickly be added to estimates, quotes, and invoices.

Learn how to use your Address Book.

Step 4: My Catalogue

Create your custom price list of parts and materials so you can quickly add items to your estimates, quotes, and invoices. With pre-populated categories, Toolbot makes it easy to manage your product list.

Find out how to use My Catalogue to add parts and materials.

Step 5: Labour Rates

Discover how to create a custom list of your labour rates to easily add to estimates, quotes, and invoices. Toolbot provides standard fields for hourly, daily, and emergency callouts, and you can also add your own.

Learn how to manage your Labour Rates to accurately charge for your time.

Step 6: Certificates

If you issue your customers with certificates to validate the work you have undertaken, you can use build a price list. This makes it easy to add priced items to estimates, quotes, and invoices.

Visit Certificates to find out how to create a custom price list.

Need some help?

🙋 If you need help at any time, simply drop us a line and one of our friendly support team will be on hand to advise. We want you to love Toolbot as much as we do and get the most out of it.

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