Update the header for your invoice.

To edit an existing invoice, in the jobs table, click the Edit icon on the right-hand side of the row of the job you want to edit. This opens the Edit Invoice page.

The Header tab contains the administrative information for your invoice:

Document Date

The date given to the document when it was created. This is for your reference only, and can be updated.

Job Reference

The job name or number. This value can be updated.

Payment Terms (days)

The Payment Term is prepopulated from the value you configured in the Payment Settings. If you want to change this for the current job, change the value.


This is the name of the client for whom you did the job. It can't be edited at this stage.

Job Address

This is the address where you did the job. It can't be edited at this stage.

Job Name

The name given to the job. Update this value if it needs to be amended.

Job Description

Update the job description if this has changed since you originally sent the estimate or quote.

Click Save, and then click Detail to move to the next tab.

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