Labour Rates

Use this guide to create and manage labour rates that can be quickly added to your estimates, quotes, and invoices.

Toolbot includes pre-named labour rates for standard charges that you can quickly and easy add to your estimates, quotes, and invoices. You can also use My Rates to create as many custom prices as you need.

To add and edit your Labour Rates, click Price Lists from the main menu on the left-hand side of Toolbot to expand the list, then click Labour Rates.

Labour Rates

Toolbot includes pre-named rates so you can quickly add in standard charges. The following rates are included:

Weekday Hourly Rate

Weekday Day Rate

Weekday Callout Charge

Emergency Callout Charge

Weekend Callout Charge

Weekend Hourly Rate

Saturday Day Rate

Sunday Day Rate

Enter a rate for each type of charge you include in your business, then click Save to confirm your changes.

My Rates

You can add custom rates if you need to add different charges from the pre-set rates or add special charges.

To add a new charge, click Add Rate to open a new rate. Enter a description of your charge, and add the cost. Click Save.

To remove a rate from your Price Lists, simply click on the bin icon.

Video Tutorial

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